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Representative Construction Projects and Assignments

(PA, VA, DC, NJ, OR)
  Train stations; light rail; rail maintenance facilities; airports; terminals; bridges; highways; subways   Scope of work; surety issues; default termination; changes; delay and disruption; acceleration; labor inefficiencies; owner-furnished equipment; liquidated damages; differing site conditions
(CT, TX, NJ, IL, MA, PA, CA, MD, NY, UT, LA, WV, VA)
  Combined cycle; coal-fired; nuclear; geothermal; hydroelectric; cogeneration; biomass to energy   Delays; interference; conceptual design issues; liquidated damages; defective specifications; changes; delay and disruption; acceleration; differing site conditions; performance guarantees
(FL, PA, WV, LA, TX, MD, VA)
  Sports stadium; hotels; condominiums; restaurant; hospitals; garage; arts center; steel plant; fertilizer warehouses   Construction management issues; delay and disruption; warranty; changes; default; acceleration; design issues; surety issues
(Columbia, S.A., Bangladesh, Malaysia, Okinawa, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands)
  Cofferdams; school facilities; transmission lines; dam; power plants; airport runway; port facilities; lime storage; dredging; military barracks and armory; media broadcasting facilities; irrigation and flood control; highways   Differing site conditions; design defects; delay and disruption; equipment issues; water quality; performance criteria; termination; owner-furnished equipment; warranties; liquidated damages; changes; cost accounting issues
Federal and State Government
(TX, LA, PA, OR, CA, MA, VA, NY, SC)
  Bulk mail facilities; VA hospital; prisons; state office buildings; deep foundations; military base; weapons ranges; Corps of Engineers locks and dams; Strategic Petroleum Reserve; cogens; schools; research; transportation   Delay and disruption; acceleration; warranties; differing site conditions; design defects; termination; construction management issues; owner-furnished equipment; surety issues

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