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Thompson & Waldron is committed to negotiating the settlement of disputes, upon terms favorable to our clients. Client problems are carefully analyzed and strategies are developed that maximize the opportunities for settlement at every stage of the claims and litigation process.

Thompson & Waldron has had substantial experience with alternative disputes resolution (ADR) as a technique for resolving disputes quickly, fairly, and cost effectively. ADR is an attractive alternative to litigation and arbitration. We have represented clients in non-binding mediation and in binding "mini-trials" covering a wide range of commercial disputes with both private companies and governmental agencies.

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Government Contracts
Construction Legal Services

“Also as I’ve indicated off the record, and it should be reflected on the record, the advocacy in this case has been paradigmatic and I’m privileged to have presided over such a well-presented case. I certainly have seen long and complex cases tried before, but one thing that’s very appealing about this case is how each party really creatively presented the evidence in its favor in the best possible light. So, there’s been not only a lot of good lawyering, but good creative lawyering.”
-Transcipt with comments by federal judge following
five week trial in which Thompson & Waldron
was trial counsel for the plaintiff


“If every out-of-state attorney who came here to practice, basically had your temperament, and basically your ability, then there would be no question about allowing people from out-of-state to practice. Seriously.”
Transcipt with comments by state judge following
settlement on first day of trial in which Thompson & Waldron
was trial counsel for the plaintiff


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